Performing Arts Center - Appleton

The Appleton PAC is a state-of-the-art facility built by a joint effort from the Appleton community. Boldt Construction put together an oustanding team of local sub contractors who poured their hearts and souls into the project. The project is unique for many reasons. Perhaps the two most remarkable reasons are that the project was estimated to take up to 48 months to complete, but was completed in exactly 25 months to the day. The second reason is that the facility has been tested as one of the highest performing acoustical ratings in the industry. A person standing on center stage, speaking in a normal voice, can be heard clearly throughout the chamber.

Appleton Lathing Corporation provided much of that acoustical rating in the triple layer, laminated drywall ceilings and 2" thick soundproof plaster ceilings in the main audience chamber. In addition to the 12,000 sf of sound plaster, the project also included over 60,000 sf of Italian plaster which simulates cut marble stone. ALC is proud to have the PAC listed among our accomplishments, and more proud of the community effort that went into completing the project.